Music Bio

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Ginger Pangas is an Ohio Award Winning Country/Pop Artist.  A down-to-earth girl from Copley, Ohio, Ginger has loved singing and performing ever since she was a little girl.  At the early age of 8, she began entertaining friends and neighbors with her voice.  This continued throughout her childhood and into her teen years.


Fate would have it, that Ginger’s talent would be recognized.  Her music teacher at Copley High School coached Ginger in becoming a better singer, and encouraged her to enter singing competitions.  Ginger received excellent reviews on her performances.  Therefore, the desire to pursue a career in music and entertainment was becoming more than just a dream.  With the strong support of her loving parents, Ginger became focused on becoming a singer, actress and model.


Ginger quickly realized that to become successful in the music business, you need thick skin and an unbelievable work ethic.  There are so many things that need to be done.  A successful music artist must train their voice, write music, spent time in the recording studio and travel.  Most importantly, you need a strong business manager to handle everything.  Ginger’s Mother has stepped into her world and works endlessly making connections, sending press kits, scheduling radio interviews, booking performances, maintaining a website, and building a fan base.


Also during her high school years, Ginger attended the nationally-known School of Rock music school for high school students.  This experience helped Ginger learn the skills she needed to hone her talent and to perform live with bands.  In her senior year, Ginger released her first single, Believe, which was recorded in New York City and produced by award-winning music producer Arty Skye.  Everything kept growing from there and before she knew it, Ginger was on the big screens in Downtown Cleveland performing at well-known venues.  She won multiple Ohio Music Awards; winning Best Country Song for Country Beach in 2015, and has established a growing worldwide fan base.


It has been an endless ride for Ginger.  She has already released several singles, won numerous music awards, been interviewed and recognized by the press, and performed in well-known venues.  Her goal continues to be working toward making her dream a reality by creating an image that is real and positive, as well as building her brand and working on her craft.  Ginger is currently working on improving her stage performances and expanding her shows with fresh new songs to kick her shows up a notch.


Like any career choice, there are good days and bad days.  However, Ginger will tell you that when she is on stage performing, there is nothing like the rush she feels which makes her realize just how lucky she is to be doing what she truly loves.  It is not an easy ride, but it is an exciting adventure.


Ginger doesn’t know where this journey will take her; no artist really does.  But she plans to continue working hard and seeing where she ends up.  A little luck and a few blessings also can’t hurt.   Music is her passion and will always be a big part of Ginger’s life.  Ginger believes she was given her talent for a reason, and her goal is to be a positive role model for the younger generation.  Her message to aspiring artists is quite simple – Keep Believing …