Ginger has done it again! “Summertime Love” is Ginger’s new summer release. It is a contagious, upbeat and fun song which is perfect for those long, hot summer nights. “Summertime Love” was co-written by Ginger; who also had a large influence on the instrumentals. As this new single demonstrates – Summertime is the perfect time to fall in Love with Ginger again. You also have two bonus tracks! An original “DREAM” and cover “I Cant Make You Love Me”
J100 Dream
Ginger expresses a passionate and heartfelt performance that showcases her strong voice, Ginger tells a story very similar to her own in her original song Dream. In a rarely-seen softer side, Ginger delivers a vulnerable and haunting rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me.
J100 “Noel”
Just in time for the 2015 holiday season, Ginger has released her new album (EP) entitled NOEL. This album includes two recently recorded songs – Ginger’s angelic and hypnotic rendition of the Christmas classic, The First Noel, as well as a cover of Colbie Caillat’s upbeat nontraditional hit, Christmas in the Sand. In addition to these two new recordings, NOEL also includes two of Ginger’s previous Christmas hits – her unique rendition of Michael Bublé’s beloved hit Home, and This Christmas, an original song written for Ginger that will definitely put you into a groovy mood for the holiday. No Christmas is complete without Ginger singing in the background, so pick up a copy of NOEL today before Santa gets them all.
J100 This Christmas EP
Ginger delivers a unique rendition of Michael Bublé’s beloved hit Home. In true Ginger fashion, she provides us with a beautiful Christmas version of the song. Home has a special place in Ginger’s heart and no matter where her career takes her, she has promised to always make it Home by Christmas Eve to spend with her family. Ginger makes Michael Bublé proud on Home.This Christmas
This Christmas is an original song written by Allan Licht for Ginger which is upbeat and will definitely put you in a groovy mood for the holiday. This Christmas reminds Ginger of what every Christmas means to her. It is about sharing love and smiles with family, friends, and sometimes even strangers. This Christmas has what it takes to become a holiday classic.
10551042_465736550228636_4088855476437047341_n He’s Not You
A Beautiful love song with softer vocals with emotion
securedownload-1 COUNTRY BEACH
Ginger’s newest single. It is a modern, summertime country song with a strong beat and a fun attitude! Available now on iTunes.
ginger-pangas-greg-jamesjpg-00b833b09eb10156 LET LOOSE
This is the latest single release. “Let Loose” has a fun & upbeat Country sound. It makes you want to get up and dance! “My Heart Stopped” is a strong vocal clearly expressing the heartbreak of a relationship.
999fde1cd7b075bd46820a89cbd853885ef92bf4 BELIEVE
“Believe” is a beautiful instrumental piece that shows the strength and dedication of a Mothers love.“It’s a Girls Life” has a pop sound with energy! It’s all about a girl’s image. Be who you are and you can be a star.

All of Ginger’s music is available on iTunes